What does Steffes Industries do?

Steffes Industries aims to build a fusion reactor called "FFES". Various measures are planned to achieve this goal. However, before we delve into those, let's first discuss the company's history.

Raphael Steffes founded the company at the age of 19 with the goal of developing the fusion reactor (FFES). The company consists of the parent corporation Steffes Industries and various subsidiaries such as "Steffes Industries Software", "Steffes Industries Chemicals", "Steffes Industries Logistics", "Steffes Industries Genetics", and others. The company aims to build a broad ecosystem to manage various services internally and diversify risks.

High-quality products like the in-house operating system RSOS are good but do not necessarily meet the expectations of profitable products. To have the freedom to deliver the best possible product without being hindered by profit maximization, the corporation is divided into subsidiaries. This allows us to develop non-profit-oriented products without going bankrupt. Another advantage is that we can open, close, or sell various business fields at any time.

Our broad setup makes us an ideal partner if you need custom-made products or complete machines with flexibility from screws to professional software. We do not follow industry standards; we set the standards of tomorrow.

Once the corporation reaches higher revenue levels, construction of the FFES will begin.

However, it must also be said that Steffes Industries is currently not 100% the described company. Our revenue is almost 0, and all projects are still being developed personally by Raphael Steffes. Many works currently consist of software like RSOS or Jenny, which are still in development but are important for the future.

We work a lot with 3D printing and follow an open-source practice. In the near future, further expansion of our online shop is planned, where various Steffes Industries products will be available at low prices. Here too, we follow the approach of fair prices: With us, you pay for a high-quality product at the best prices and not just for the name, as is the case with some other manufacturers. Our customers appreciate our products for their minimal design, functionality, and fair prices.

If you are reading this and have a company, we are also working on Linux consulting for businesses, government agencies, and schools. We help you find the right software and make your transition to Linux as smooth as possible.

Are you skeptical about whether we have the necessary skills? Here is a small example: This website was 100% programmed by us without using a template system! We use Python for the backend and HTML & CSS for the frontend.

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