Step 1: Preparation


  1. Open, register, and log in.
  2. Download the Godot Assetpack from the Steffes Industries website and extract the ZIP file.
  3. Download Godot 4.X from


  1. You must place at least one billboard in your game to use STIAds.
  2. You are responsible for ensuring that no illegal activities are promoted in your game. We assume no liability!
  3. You can view and delete booked advertisements for your game at
  4. If you find that an illegal activity is being promoted in the game, delete the respective image files first and then the ZIP file for the affected days. After deleting the ZIP file, a new one will be created without the advertised illegal activity.
  5. Deleting files should only be done if you suspect that an illegal activity is being promoted.
  6. Deleting advertisements without apparent reason will result in the suspension of your games and profile!

Step 2: Set up Project

  1. Open or create a new 3D Godot project.
  2. Copy the unpacked "STIAds" folder directly to res:// in the project path.

Step 3: Set up HTTPRequest

  1. Create a Node named "Download_images".
  2. Add an HTTPRequest as a child of "Download_images".
  3. Select the HTTPRequest node and configure the Download_Chunk_Size to 99999999999 and the Timeout to 15s in the Inspector.

Step 4: Set up Download

  1. Create a Node3D and a MeshInstance3D as child objects of Node3D.
  2. Set "New QuadMesh" as the mesh for MeshInstance3D and choose a preview.
  3. Set the size (Size) to X: 1.6 and Y: 0.9.
  4. Create a new StandardMaterial3D under "Material".

Step 5: Set up Billboard

  1. Select the "Download_images" node and add the script res://STIAds/SCRIPTS/
  2. Replace in the line var sti_key = "NoCode" with the name of your game as listed in STIAds.
  3. Select MeshInstance3D and add the script res://STIAds/SCRIPTS/
  4. Disable in res://STIAds/SCRIPTS/ line 48 by inserting a # at the beginning.

Step 6: Final Steps

  1. Delete the readme.txt in the folder res://STIAds/Offline.
  2. Copy at least one image (1920x1080 PNG) into the folder res://STIAds/Offline in case the player has no internet connection.

Step 7: Testing

  1. Start your game. If implemented correctly, you should see an image on your MeshInstance3D after a short time.
  2. If your game has a main menu, we recommend placing the "Download_images" node there. Adjust the delay in res://STIAds/SCRIPTS/ if you choose this route.