Guide to Acquiring MySTIC/STICY

Visit https://metamask.io and add Metamask as a browser extension for your browser. In case you're curious, Metamask is a Web3 wallet. With it, you can not only store MySTIC/STICY but also various other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Dogecoin.

Next, set up your Metamask wallet carefully! Read the instructions attentively and make sure to write down and securely store your key/phrase. If you lose this data, you may not be able to access your funds in case of emergencies!

After successfully setting up, click on the small Metamask fox and select BNB Smart Chain as the network. By default, Ethereum Network is selected. You can easily store various currencies in a Metamask wallet, but MySTIC/STICY is based on the BNB Smart Chain.

Now you need a currency to buy STICY. Our recommendation is BNB. BNB is the currency of Binance. You can conveniently purchase BNB via https://www.binance.com or through another crypto exchange of your choice. Just to name a few established exchanges: crypto.com (strong focus on mobile devices), coinbase.com, kraken.com, or platforms like Trade Republic. You can now also buy crypto through Metamask itself. However, be meticulous to ensure that the coins ultimately belong to you. You can test this by transferring a small amount, such as one cent, to the target account before transferring a larger sum to make sure you've entered the correct wallet address and are using the correct network.

With your newly acquired cryptocurrency, you can now do whatever you want. There are numerous ways to use your cryptocurrency, such as buying a Tesla or exchanging it for another currency like MySTIC/STICY.

If you choose MySTIC/STICY, we want to express our sincere thanks for your trust. To acquire MySTIC/STICY, there are two recommended methods:

Acquiring MySTIC/STICY

Method 1: Visit https://www.steffes.industries/STI_Invest and click on "Trade on PancakeSwap." Here you can connect your Metamask wallet and then exchange BNB for MySTIC/STICY. Don't forget to click on Add STICY to Metamask afterward! If you forget, you'll have STICY in your wallet, but they won't be displayed since you've hidden them.

Method 2: Go to https://pancakeswap.finance/ and connect with Metamask (top right). Click on "Trade" at the top left. Choose the currency you want to exchange (BNB recommended) and at the bottom, where "CAKE" is displayed for you, click on CAKE and enter in the search 0xbccd414E6e0A29Dcf65698CE039Aa36AE2e08eF1. Now "STICY Added by user MySTIC" should be displayed. After selecting this, you'll be warned that it's a high-risk to trade with such tokens. Check "I acknowledge the risk" and confirm. Now you can exchange BNB for STICY. You can now either hold these STICY as an investment, use them to buy something at Steffes Industries, or implement your own projects with them.

If you still have basic questions about cryptocurrencies, the following text should provide beginners with a good overview.

For Beginners:

Cryptocurrencies are real money! In comparison to traditional money, also known as fiat currencies, crypto money is limited. Each coin exists only once, and this system cannot be bypassed! Most cryptocurrencies are linked to a limit. There are a maximum of 21 million Bitcoins, and this number is limited and cannot be increased. In contrast, fiat currencies like the Euro and Dollar are centrally controlled, allowing governments to create new money as they see fit.

There are different types of cryptocurrencies: fundamentally, Bitcoin is distinguished from all other coins. Bitcoin is the mother of all cryptocurrencies. It was created by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto. No one knows who he really is, but he thought of everything to create the first functional cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satoshi_Nakamoto)

After Bitcoin slowly gained popularity, some so-called "Altcoins" followed. Typically, these are currencies that have set out to cover a specific area. Here, a distinction is made between coins and tokens. A coin is a standalone currency like Bitcoin or a network on which tokens can be built. The most well-known are Ethereum, Tether USDt, BNB, XRP, and Dogecoin.

They are all tradable with each other, yet they could not be more different.

Ethereum is a kind of Bitcoin, but with the difference that you can create so-called tokens on this platform. A token is a kind of subordinate currency. You can imagine this as the Euro being the main currency, and various companies building a joint-stock company on this currency. Ethereum is the Euro, and the AG (joint-stock company) is the token.

BNB is a similar system but consumes less power and provides faster transactions than Ethereum.

Tether USDt is a so-called stablecoin. This means 1 Tether is always worth 1€. These currencies are often used to exchange coins or tokens across different networks. This is often necessary when, for example, you want to switch an Ethereum token to a BNB token.

XRP was created to revolutionize the global banking system.

Dogecoin is a currency that started as a joke. Dogecoin was created to make fun of the ever-growing number of cryptocurrencies in 2013. However, over time, more and more people became interested in this currency and started buying it. Dogecoin has a Japanese Shiba Inu dog as its logo and a very, very large fan base. Originally started as satire, it has grown to an $11,104,731,252 market capitalization. Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin is an inflationary currency (~5% per year). Therefore, many Dogecoin advocates claim that it would be suitable as an everyday currency.